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What to Expect From Supervised Visitation

Posted By The Wynne Law Firm || 4-Jan-2017

Losing solo visitation with your child can be scary, especially if you've been accused of child abuse. Supervised visitation is not a punishment. It's designed to keep your child safe while preserving your relationship and custodial rights. Your final custody order or agreement is the best source of accurate information about what to expect from supervised visitation. But what if supervised visitation hasn't been ordered yet, and is only a possibility? Here's what you should expect.

Who Can Supervise Visitation?

In most cases, you'll have to receive supervision from a person or agency appointed by the court. Less commonly, the court might agree to allow a responsible third party to supervise visitation. If your ex requests supervised visitation and you think he or she might get it, you might be able to agree to a specific supervisor before the court orders supervised visitation. So if the person who supervises visitation matters to you, consider negotiating with your ex.

What Does the Visitation Supervisor Do?

The visitation supervisor is not a substitute parent or baby-sitter. They won't watch your child for you, and will not provide parenting advice. Moreover, relying on the visitation supervisor to watch or protect your children could undermine your ability to regain unsupervised visitation in the future. The visitation supervisor's only job is to ensure your child's safety. They may also provide reports to the court on how you spend your time with your children, so ensure you provide your children with quality parenting during supervised visitation.

Can I Regain Unsupervised Visitation?

Supervised visitation is often time-limited, meaning that the court will revisit the matter in a time frame specified in the final order. In other cases, you might have to petition the court to regain unsupervised visitation, usually after meeting specific criteria outlined in the final custody order. Before seeking a removal of supervision, you must ensure you can provide a safe, nurturing environment to your children, and that you can demonstrate this to the court.

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