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“Equal rights for all, special privileges for none.” – The Wynne Law Firm

At The Wynne Law Firm, we hold fast to the belief that our clients deserve the fullest protection afforded by the law. Many times, a divorce can force separating couples to make legal decisions that could have life-changing repercussions. From child custody to the division of property and assets, these types of legal matters can cause couples to act out of spite, emotion, and/or vindictiveness. We give our clients the sympathetic and compassionate representation they deserve, but also make sure they are completely aware of their rights and options. Our Fort Worth family lawyers guide our clients in a way that can provide the most long-term protection and the most beneficial outcome possible.

Accessible. Affordable. Aggressive.

Since 1996, The Wynne Law Firm has been devoted to helping clients who are in need of effective, cost-conscious, and ethical legal counsel during an incredibly difficult time in their lives. As experienced and skilled trial attorneys who have earned the respect of local judges, courts, and judicial staff members, we offer an honest evaluation of your case and determine how we can help move your case forward.

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We are a compassionate yet aggressive legal team who are devoted to helping you get through your current divorce or estate planning matter. Choose to work with The Wynne Law Firm today.